What to Do When Applying for a Partner Visa

Under the subclass 820 and subclass 821 of the partner visa, this grants the de facto partner or spouse of a citizen, permanent resident of Australia or eligible citizen of New Zealand to live in the country. Here are some tips on how to apply for it.

The visas under these subclasses are currently offered between 12 to 15 months in the process because of its high demand. If you plan to apply for the Partner visa category either overseas or in Australia, here are a couple of tips that will help you.

Use documented checklist

You can find this documented checklist online as it will assist you conveniently in preparing for your application. Stage 1 is for the Prospective Marriage or Temporary Partner visa while Stage 2 is for Permanent Partner. If you are an applicant outside of Australia, take a look at the Partner subclass 100 and 309 document checklist while the subclass 300 is for those applying for the Prospective Marriage. If you are an applicant within Australia, you need to go to subclass 801 and 802 to apply for the Partner visa.

Lodge complete application through ImmiAccount

The ImmiAccount can be found online, which makes it faster and easier to process. You will also get faster results compared to lodging it through paper. What you need to do is log in or create an ImmiAccount if you don’t have any. Once you are in, send in your application together with any relevant documentation. The ImmiAccount is accessible anytime and anywhere. It will help you manage and track your application as well.

All the documents you send should be scanned and then uploaded into the ImmiAccount. Avoid sending them through post or email as this will delay the assessment of your application. The complete applications that have the comprehensive documents that support the genuine relationship of the partners will be the ones prioritized and have faster processing times.

Consider going through a migration agent

The migration agents can help you in preparing your visa application. Of course, there is a fee for their service in doing so. These migration agents must be registered with OMARA or Office of Registered Migration Agents of Australia. If you want expert advice for Family Immigration you can contact Migration Australia.

If you have other concerns regarding your Partner visa application, either you visit the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s official website or to your Australian Embassy. You will find more information on what to do that is not covered here.

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